Immigrating to Australia

- Erhard Pulvermacher
Erhard Pulvermacher was born in Berlin, Germany on May 18, 1904. He married Edith Mehrmann in 1935 and their only child, Heinz Peter Pulvermacher, was born on August 12, 1936. From 1939 to 1946, Erhard took refuge in Shanghai, along with his wife, son, parents, younger sister, and her husband.

After World War II, most of Erhard’s family managed to get permits to enter the USA. With the help of his younger sister Käthe, Erhard’s family immigrated to Australia. On November 7, 1961 Heinz Peter Pulvermacher married Bette Rose Tobias and the couple had two children. Erhard Pulvennacher and Edith Mehrmann have both since passed away.

The family left Shanghai with gratitude to the Chinese people. In the hard times under the Japanese occupation “our association with the Chinese people was always one of mutual respect, and we now have fond memories of our time in Shanghai. We revisited our old ‘home town’ three times in the past 11 years and brought our whole family in 2009 to see where Peter spent his childhood.”

Bette and Peter, January 25, 2010