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The exhibition shows the fate of Jewish refugees, who escaped from Europe to Shanghai during WWII.


Closest exhibition will be held in Olomouc from 26.9.2017.


The exhibition will be held in various cities across the whole Central Europe. Closest event will be held in Olomouc, Gallery Santovka.

About the exhibition

In 1933, Jewish refugees began to escape to Shanghai from Germany and, later, from Nazi-occupied and Nazi-allied countries- The massive influx ended when Shanghai was cutoff from the outside world by the Japanese bombing of Peari Harbor in December 1941. Between 1933 and 1941 it is estimated that at least 18,000 Jews came to Shanghai. To some extent, “Shanghai” became synonymous with “Rescue” and “Haven” in the history of the Holocaust.

The history of Jewish refugees in Shanghai is unusual. Together, Chinese people and Jewish refugees defended themselves from Fascist atrocity — during the Pacific war, Nazi-allied Japan invaded China – and demonstrated the essential dignity of the human race- They showed love and care for each other and supported each other through adversity. These experiences have created a special emotional bond between the Chinese and Jewish peoples.

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Children, women, men, poor, educated, rich, old, young... all kinds of people... had the luck.

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