After years we are offering favourite courses of Chinese cooking. Thanks to the cooperation with the department of Optics at Faculty of Science PU we offered first two courses in October 2014. Courses are led by a Chinese lecturer together with a Czech one.

Place: Faculty of Science, Department of Optics, 4th floor (17. listopadu 1192/12)

May 2015


  • 蘑菇肉丸汤 – Mushroom and meatball soup
  • 鱼香肉丝 – Pork noodles a la fish
  • 拔丝黄菜 – Mixed eggs in caramel


Where Department of Optics (4th floor, Faculty of Science, 17. listopadu 1192/12, Olomouc)

Price: CZK 200,-

Bring paper and a pencil.

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