Confucius Institute UP gives those, who are interested in the Chinese language and Chinese culture, an opportunity to borrow Chinese language textbooks, professional and popular science literature. The library also has a rich database of Chinese movies and Chinese music. Most of the textbooks, books and movies are in Chinese and English language.

Those interested in a loan service must be members of the Confucius Institute UP.

Terms of Membership

A member can be anyone, regardless of age or profession. You can apply anytime during a year. The only condition is to pay an annual membership fee.

For issuing a membership card, a person from a non-university environment needs an identity card, a passport size photo and a corresponding amount of money. It is not possible to pay by a credit card!

Membership fee

  • Student: 200, – CZK
  • Public: 400,- CZK

Library regulations valid from October 2, 2015