YCT tests

YCT or Youth Chinese Test is an international Chinese language exam for pupils attending primary, secondary or high schools.

Schedule of classrooms for YCT


YCT1, YCT 2, YCT3, YCT4 starts at 9am

Make sure to be in the classroom 30 minutes before the exam.

YCT oral exam starts at 11am

Be in the classroom 25-30 minutes before the exam.

Date: 30 May 2015

Levels: YCT 1, YCT 2, YCT3, YCT4

Oral exam: basic and intermediate

In the case you are interested in the oral exam, let us know so!

Online registration until 30 April 2014 at http://www.chinesetest.cn/index.do

The exam fee must be credited to the CI bank account not later than 30 April 2015:

43-0730720237/0100, variable symbol: 9770

We require sending us the bank receipt of your payment to e-mail address: konfucius@upol.cz

Fees for YCT:

YCT1 CZK 200,–
YCT2 CZK 380,–
YCT3 CZK 380,–
YCT4 CZK 380,–

Oral exam basic 400,–

Oral exam intermediate 400,–

Instructions for participants in YCT tests (English/Chinese language)