Chinese teachers’ training program

Foreign Chinese Teachers Training Course 2015 in China

  • Length: 7 – 14 days
  • Date: July or August 2015
  • Registration start: 31. 3. 2015
  • Conditions

Applicant must be a lecturer of Chinese language at in authorized schools, nationality different than Chinese, under 60 years of age, good health.

  • Fees

School fees, study materials and accommodation expenses (double rooms) are covered by Confucius Institute/Hanban headquarters. Applicant pays only transport and visa expenses

  • Registration, verification and acceptance

For registration, verification and other information, all the Chinese language teachers training course applicants must be registered in a system on this website: and fill in the application form. Recommending institution, which is Confucius Institute of PU, will verify the applicants information in the system.

On the website  you can find detailed information about deadlines and a venue for the course.

Hanban’s contact person: ZHOU He

Telephone/Fax: 0086-10-58595740/5904